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Trump Created Cancel Culture #Conservative #Liberal #Woke

Cancel-Culture-Left, Trumper-Right. It’s like Yin and Yang. Jedi and Sith. One power rises, the opposing force counters to create balance. When you see all these absurd cancellations executed by perpectiveless, woke teens and twentysomethings who have never experienced the slightest degree of adversity and would be eaten alive in a 3rd world country, remember, it’s the delusional psychopaths the false Republican Donald J. Trump unleashed on us that caused this annoying crap.

We wouldn’t have to deal with these J.K. Rowling-hating BLM white people if they hadn’t risen in natural opposition to the capital-storming, Marjorie Taylor Green loving 60IQ conspiracy theorist rednecks.

You a moderate sick of this extremist BS? Join the club. Screw the left, screw the right. Let common sense and intelligent thoughtfulness prevail. Here at DD, we hate extremism in all its forms. You a Dem? A Republican? Good for you, you’re probably a dripping wet Douche.

What do you think?

Written by Large.Richard

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