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Fukushima Was A Fricken Cover-Up #NuclearEnergy


It’s the headline you DON’T want to see: Fukushima Meltdown Contaminates Pacific Ocean. It’s the headline that the Barack Obama and the US Government, as well as the Japanese company TEPCO don’t want you to see. The reason is simple – since there’s no way to clean it up, no way to undo the inevitable increase in exposure to radioactive elements across the US – then what’s the point in letting the public get worked into a tizzy? Anti-panic damage control.

I’m not going to push my opinion or go into great depth about this topic since so much has been written about it elsewhere in other excellent articles. Instead, I’ll present observations and provide links to facts, where they exist. It’s up to you to draw your own conclusions based on the evidence, but in the very least, anyone should agree that there’s been insufficient effort by the media and some shifty moves by the Government regarding the Fukushima meltdown, and it’s enough to warrant further investigation by a public that has every right to be properly informed about the matter.

The cover up is easy to spot:

The media will only do small, token stories about one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time. They won’t run a big headline that tells you 400 gallons of radioactive water is produced a day as the Fukushima Meltdown contaminates Pacific Ocean waters. Chernobyl was more heavily covered by the media in the 80s, yet the risk to Americans wasn’t a major concern.

There will be websites that make a complete, sarcastic mockery of anyone who promotes concern over the Fukushima meltdown. Read this chick’s blog. How can any site who scoffs at the environmental harm caused by a level 7 nuclear meltdown be taken seriously? A level 7 is the worst crisis on the charts, shared only in history with the Chernobyl disaster. Check this guy’s site out for perfect exemplification. Read about the INES scale here.

People typically regarded as experts in physics will be discredited. Michio Kaku, in exemplum.
The US Government slyly, quietly increased the level of radiation that’s considered unacceptable. They claim that it’s only intended to ease restrictions on short-term exposure, but when looked at statistically, the change raises your odds of getting cancer from 1 in 10,000 to an indescribably-disturbing 1 in 23. Read about the EPA standards change here.

** Of note, the ABC World News with Diane Sawyer ran a story on this as we write this, sending reporters into the radioactive fallout area, in fact right over the pools storing the fuel rods. It’s a surprisingly honest article on the matter as Fukushima Meltdown contaminates Pacific Ocean with radiation. They did show the alternative perspectives and stated that radiation was detected from cesium molecules was detected 70 miles from the Fukushima plant. **

There are plenty of significant, credible scientists who believe that a major issue does indeed exist in Japan. Michio Kaku, whose garnered fame from appearances on several documentaries and news programs discussing various theoretical physics matters, expresses his concerns on this video viewable on YouTube.

I suggest that the excess runoff of the Fukushima Meltdown contaminates Pacific Ocean waters, and has contaminated them, and has the potential to do far more damage in the event of a future earthquake or disaster as a result of 1. failures of the horrendous Frankenstein storage tanks used to store radioactive water, and 2. the ongoing removal of damaged fuel rods from the reactor core.

People in the US need to be aware of the dangers this situation will pose for years as the Fukushima Meltdown contaminates Pacific Ocean waters and the fish and currents in those waters make it to our shores – especially worrisome is the prospect of radioactive rain that will enter our food supply in addition to tainted seafood. Please, do the research, be aware, and be vocal on your Social Media accounts to make sure everyone you know is apprised of this burgeoning crisis.

What do you think?

Written by Large.Richard

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