Was It Ever Tested: @Colgate Flip Caps

Colgate Flip Cap Dirty

The trusty screw cap became Colgate toothpaste’s archnemesis during the 80s. They made a big fuss out of the fancy new “flip cap” – I remember the Flip Wilson commercials introducing the Colgate flip cap. Seemed like a convenient upgrade.

Then, I used one. Before the tube is half depleted, a buildup of dried, hardened paste forms a minty yet disgusting beard on this… Improved cap design?

But it couldn’t last, could it? Colgate would realize their error and switch back to the old trusty screw on, right? Nah, they were the original at telling the consumer what they needed, long before Apple started to decide to tell consumers what they want and need. The cap design has changed over the years, but they still TOTALly* suck: Check out the Colgate flip cap pic on this post – it’s my fricken tube in my fricken bathroom.

I’m going to ask this of a lot of products: Was it ever tested? Has ANYONE at Colgate-Palmolive EVER used one of these? It’s impossible to fathom a Colgate exec has ever used and tolerated this disgusting, crappy flip cap.

Maybe they brush their teeth with slave urine like the ancient Romans did. Pee might be cleaner than these flip caps.

Seriously, if Colgate people have used this cap and still sell it, they have a message for you: They don’t give a FLIP about you. They don’t flippin’ care that it’s gross, or that an old screw cap was a cleaner choice.

Stupid thing to complain about? Maybe. But EASILY AVOIDED and EASILY RESOLVED problems are the most frustrating kind because they should not exist. Period.

*TOTALly is a cringeworthy play on the toothpaste Colgate Total. At least I admit it is a bad joke.

What do you think?

Written by Large.Richard

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